The Camo Bundle

The Camo Bundle

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(W x H x L) 32” x 7/8” (L x W)


Set yourself apart and keep that brand new edge looking fresh with Paddle Drip by 4RTH. Not only does Paddle Drip protect and preserve your precious paddle’s edge, but each colorful design is sure to make your paddle pop, whether at your local courts or on the biggest stage. Made to fit most paddles universally, there’s no excuse to deprive your paddle of the undeniably rad protection that is Paddle Drip.

Take advantage of The Camo Bundle and get a 3 pack of our "Camo Natural" colorway, a 3 pack of our "Camo Black White Green" colorway, and a 3 pack of our "Camo Blue Pink Green" colorway!

How to Apply

1.) Clean the surface of your paddle’s edge.
2) Remove tape backing, exposing adhesive.
3.) Starting just above the handle, press tape firmly to your paddle’s edge and work your way around the entire paddle.
4.) Cut off excess length if necessary.

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