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Customer Highlights

“Takes your paddle that looks like everyone else’s and makes it your own. High quality - sticks on easy and stays on. Covers up your lead tape and gives a consistent look and feel to your paddle. Can easily be trimmed to size to fit your paddle. Love this stuff!”

Eric J.

“The edge tape is dope!! I play aggressive and would scuff my paddle all the time if I didn’t have the tape. It’s so nice to swap out the tape for a new one and have a fresh clean look again and again. I have loved the design and get asked about it all the time. This tape is better than others I have tried as it’s thicker, sticks better and way more durable. So much better than electrical tape, like so so much better.”

Rob S.

“I absolutely love this edge tape. It goes on real easily and smoothly. It gives my paddle a fun decorative flare. And it is very durable. It has everything you could want in tape and more!”

Mark E.